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Dave&Suzi wearing their Herm Sprenger Coupler for walking 2 dogsPitbull Prong dog collar- pinch collar - training dog collar
FUR SAVER DOG COLLAR for Pitbull - chain dog collar
Curogan dog prong collar - Herm Sprenger 50004 (3.25mm)
Curogan Dog Pinch Collar 23 inch - Herm Sprenger 50004 (3.25mm)
Curogan Martingale Fur Saver Dog Collar
Choke chain dog collar with toggle steel chromium plated - 51025
Curogan-Dog pinch collar & nylon loop-without any nickel-3.25mm
Choke dog collar - choke chain trainin collar
Dog pinch collar made in Germany-prong collar- 50045 (3.99mm)
Dog pinch collar made in Germany-Steel -Antique Copper plated
Dog pinch collar with swivel and small quick release snap hook
Curogan Fur Saver Dog Collar- hs chain dog collar 51604 (67)
Exclusive Gold plated HS dog lead with leather handle -dog leash
Exclusive HS dog lead with leather handle (Made in Germany)
High Craft Pure nylon adjustable choke collar sizes (18'-26')
Pinch collar&nylon loop&quick release buckle 50045nylon(3.90m)
Fur Saver Dog Collar Steel Chromium Plated Width 3 MM With Plate

A short list of people/dog teams that have benefited from the use of prong collars.

  • Small people with large dogs.
  • Any person with a dog that seems calm but suddenly bursts into action in some circumstances.
  • People with dogs that are pullers. (dogs choke/gag on a slip collar or ignore a buckle collar)
  • Disabled people with limited strength or range-of-motion to properly 'snap' correct a dog wearing a slip collar. A light touch is all that is needed. Sometimes the collars are put into a cloth tube .
  • Person with dogs with damaged trachea or collapsing tracheas.
  • Person 'fine-tuning' a dog's responses to commands.
  • Bouncy puppies that are difficult to control in any other collars.
  • Walking more than one of these dogs at the same time - you don't want ride your belly like a skate board while 200 or 300 some pounds of Anatolian in a team or troika take off with you.
  • Walking a large protective dog at night in an area where the normally calm dog is walking high on his toes, ready to react before you are. He is on 'predator alert'.

A properly fitted choke chain is very important in training. It should be the size of the dogs neck plus 2 inches. If your choke chain goes over your dogs head a little snug that's alright because most breed of dogs have a larger head than neck. Now to put the choke chain on right drop the chain through either ring and make the letter P of the alphabet. Now with you looking at the letter P slip it over your dogs head. With your dog on your left hand side if you pop up on the leash and release- the choke chain should also release the tension on the dogs neck. If you are using a pinch collar remember it does not go over your dogs head, you must unhook it at a link in the collar then go around your dogs neck and hook the collar back together. You can add or subtract links from a pinch collar to change sizes. A pinch collar should fit semi snug on your dog. If a pinch collar is fitted too loose it will not give an effective correction.

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